Postural Inspiration – Pungu Kukutasana

The wounded rooster pose (sometimes called the side rooster) is a PVYU advanced level I posture.  Making your way into this pose requires a solid tripod headstand, the ability to flip your legs into lotus while upside down, and a substantial degree of rotation in the torso.

I first discovered this pose in a fourth series Ashtanga class with my teacher Bill Counter.  Here’s how he recommends that you get into it:

From downdog, jump into your headstand on an inhale. Fold the legs into
lotus, lower and swing off to the right with an exhale so the left thigh is on
the outside of the upper right arm. Lift up and balance on an inhale. Take
5 breaths while focusing on the tip of the nose.

Inhale as you place the head to the floor and re-enter headstand (staying
in lotus). Exhale as the lotus swings to the left. Inhale head up to balance
on the second side. To exit, inhale back up to headstand, legs straight.
Exhale down into chaturanga on an and on to downdog.

Worried about jumping into the headstand?  You probably should be.  We’ll both understand if you decide to leave that part out.  🙂

David Magone demonstrating Pungu Kukutasana


2 responses to “Postural Inspiration – Pungu Kukutasana

  1. I met bill counter last year while was in northern California teaching yoga.he’s in Sacramento and auburndale teaching power yoga and ashtanga.

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