Postural Inspiration – Kapilasana

Kapila, according to my teacher Yogi Bill Counter, was the founder of the Samkhya system of philosophy. This particular philosophical tradition is widely known as one of six schools of classical Indian philosophy and one of the oldest as well.  A number contemporary yoga schools draw inspiration from the Samkhya philosophy even to this day.

On a physical level, getting into this pose is some crazy business!  If you wish to give it a try, you’ll first need to wriggle yourself into the somewhat less formidable foot behind the head pose.  Once you’ve gotten that one down, you’ll then need to gradually develop the flexibility to slide the leg far enough down the back so that you can then wrap the opposite arm over the ankle and bind the hands behind you.  PVYU senior teacher Kevan Gale is  making it look easy, but I think you’ll find that it’s quite challenging in application.

As always, structured sequencing will help!  Make sure to practice at least two outer hip opening postures and two hamstring opening postures before you give this one a go.  

Not making progress?  Never fear!  You can either try a PranaVayu accelerated class or just photoshop your face onto Kevan’s body and it’s altogether possible that no one will even notice.  🙂

PVYU Senior teacher Kevan Gale demonstrating Kapilasana


2 responses to “Postural Inspiration – Kapilasana

  1. This is an aweome pose ~ I’ll give it a try! But I think the last option you gave about photoshop might just do the trick 😉

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