How to Drop Back From the Camel’s Pose

A few weeks back, I posted a sequence for those of you who are working on the full lotus pose.  This fierce hip-opening posture does wonders for your forward folding range of motion but can leave you feeling a little out of  whack if you don’t have a backbending set to counter it.

Ergo this week’s backbending practice…

I’ve used our accelerated training paradigms  to put together a sequence that will help you counterbalance all of that forward folding with some amazing quadricep stretches and a handful of great heart opening postures. Specifically, this sequence is designed to help you systematically build the flexibility necessary to accomplish the bow pose and  a one arm drop back into the camel’s pose. If you don’t have the moxy to try the drop back, no worries! Just do the camel’s pose instead.

In order to be effective this sequence should be practiced at least twice per week.  If you want to see your practice grow by leaps and bounds, try this “Periodized” practice plan:

Monday:  Lotus Sequence

Tuesday:  Backbending Sequence

Wednesday:  Cardio of your choice…activities like Core Fusion, swimming, Zumba or running like hell to catch the morning train are all good options.

Thursday:  Lotus

Friday:  Backbends

How to practice:  Once you’ve done a warm-up, start at the top left hand corner of the chart and work horizontally downward.  If you spend between five and ten full breaths in each posture, the sequence should take around 45 minutes to complete.

Scared of the dropback?  Who wouldn’t be?!  Make it more accessible by practicing with a partner or on a soft surface, (the beach or a grassy lawn works really well) until you get it down well enough to do in a yoga class.  If you’re really sketched out, you might even throw on a bicycle helmet for additional protection.  🙂

Have fun!


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