PranaVayu Yoga Playlist

I love the quiet meditative aspects of yoga but I also love to practice to some great music.  A really good soundtrack can give you extra energy, inspire you to move beautifully and make it easier to let go.  From a teaching perspective, I find that good song choices are a really helpful way to establish the overall rhythm and tone of the class. If the songs are matched to the general flow of what you are teaching the results can be incredible.    On the other hand, if the songs are random and the music is played so quietly that it’s hard to hear, the soundtrack can be really distracting.

I’ve built this playlist to match the structure of a PranaVayu base level class and I really love it.  The first two songs provide a slow and melodic accompaniment for sun-salutations and the six ranges of motion practice (in case you’re wondering, the second song is indeed from “Tron”).  The middle of the soundtrack boosts the energy for standing poses and backbends with  great electronica selections from epic bands like the Glitch Mob and Massive Attack. The last half of the playlist has a number of slower melodic selections for the cool-down phase and meditation.

What songs do you love to move to?

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8 responses to “PranaVayu Yoga Playlist

  1. This is awesome David, I always love your selection of music in your yoga classes, the music and your sequences match seamlessly (in my view). Miss your class especially while hearing these music. Great blog page, love it! Keep well.

  2. amazing playlist!! Starting off with Helios is great. The national is also terrific, and the glitch mob puts a smile to my face. what do you think about aqualung?

    Will you be posting your previous playlists too?

    • Thanks for checking it out Anna! I haven’t heard Aqualung, but I’m excited to give em’ a listen.

      I’ll definitely be posting more playlists down the road.

  3. Thank you for this playlist and thank you for showing me that music can be an expressive and intense part of the yoga experience. These days I’m teaching to these songs:
    Porcelain by Moby
    You Don’t Know Me by Apparat
    Angelica by Lamb
    Facing East by Thievery Corporation
    Live in Vanilla by Boy Robot
    Twice by Little Dragon
    Pagoda in the Mist by Mr. Relaxation
    Voice by DJ Drez
    Life on Earth by Band of Horses
    Twameva by Deva Premal, Miten and Manose
    Bloodstream by Stateless
    Edgehill by Groove Armada
    Intro by The XX

    • Thanks for posting these Laura! I can see that we have the same taste. Apparat is one of my all time favorites for a yoga class. I can’t wait to check out the rest.

  4. David – the list is awesome as always – the adele song has an issue – it won’t play at all. Best to you.

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