No Holds Barred – Advanced Standing Pose Practice

Warrior II

Hey Yogis,

If you want a good overall workout, standing poses are the way to go.  These postures tone the legs, burn calories like mad and will help you loose weight if practiced regularly.  Because of this, it’s no wonder that these variations are included in nearly every vinyasa class in North America!

Since many of you have seen warrior I, II  and the triangle pose recycled in a million different ways, I thought that I’d put together an advanced standing pose set that includes some more interesting possibilities.   Some of these variations are typical and others are not.  Many of the funkier options have been borrowed from the uber-creative yogis in the Ukraine.  If you’re into that type of thing, be sure to check out the photo section of Yoga 23.

Wanna know the reason behind the rhyme?  Here’s a logical breakdown of this practice for all of you sequencing junkies out there:

– The first five poses at the beginning of the sequence ramp up your internal thermostat which will in turn make you more flexible.

– The side-bending posture prepares the body for deeper twisting.

– The two twists are designed to loosen the upper body in preparation for the standing balances at the end of the set.

– Hamstring/shoulder stretching against the resistance of the arms makes it easier to accomplish the wide legged fold variation.

– The two split postures create the flexibility necessary to perform deeper forms of the sundial posture and dancer’s pose.

– Additionally, the first two hip opening balances make it easier to accomplish the sundial pose.  NB:  These variations are undeniably crazy.  If you can’t do them, just practice the eagle’s pose instead.

– The press from titibasana to the handstand is included to keep you from getting complacent in your practice.  If it’s too much, practice transitioning to a headstand instead.  🙂

How to practice this sequence:  

Get warmed up with at least six sun salutations, do more ten if  six isn’t enough to make you sweat.  Start at the top of the chart and move from left to right continuing downward through the chart as you go.  Follow the order of the sequence, but feel free to link postures together with vinyasas if you want an extra challenge.  If you decide to do multiple poses on one side, do no more than three before repeating on the other side in order to avoid destabilizing your body.

Buckle up!  This one’s a ride.

Rockin’s this?  Snap a photo and send it over!  We’ll post your record of success on the blog.



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