How to do the Lotus Pose

Easter weekend is here and I’m off to Maine!  I’ll be hopping into the car in little under an hour, so I’ll keep this week’s post short and sweet.

The following sequence can be used to build into the full lotus posture.  It includes a number of stretches for the outer hips, four for the inner thighs and a series of twists in the middle of the set which will help you “reset” your body after all of those forward folds.  For your amusement, I’ve inserted a couple of cool  arm balance postures as well.  These three postures will help you build upper body strength as you build lower body flexibility.  Practice hard, and should you be partaking in Easter festivities you’ll have a couple of cool parlor tricks to keep your friends and relatives entertained if conversation gets stuffy.

Warm up, hold each posture for 10 to 25 full breaths, and feel free to connect postures with chaturanga vinyasa or the belly up vinyasa.  Practice this one every other day and you’ll be able to wrap your legs into a pretzel in no time flat.

Practice the sequence below to build to the full lotus pose:


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