What is the Goal of PranaVayu Yoga?

PranaVayu is a Sanskrit word used to describe an energetic wind that sustains the heart, mind and the senses of a yogi.  As a style, our practice blends specialized vinyasa sequencing, a unique system of skeletal alignment principles, guided meditative practices, and a Buddhist-inspired philosophy of universal interconnectedness to facilitate positive mind body change. The practice is built on the founding belief that we can help make the world a better place to live by personally working toward the full realization of our own highest potential as a happy, healthy and truly open human being.

As a community, we seek to accomplish this goal of positive mind body transformation by engaging in time tested practices that affect both the body AND the mind.  Since many of the limiting patterns and behaviors that we experience have their root in our mental outlook and daily actions, we supplement the physical practice of yoga with a time tested lessons from the yogic tradition that help us to understand which types of activities should be accepted and what types of things must be avoided if we wish to happy in daily life. Based on this understanding, we then practice taking our yoga off of the mat and into the world by gradually perfecting the six qualities of generosity, discipline, patience, effort, meditation and wisdom in our daily lives and actions.

In a way, the process that we use to refine ourselves through PranaVayu Yoga is very similar to the methods used to convert rough diamonds into beautiful gemstones; just as every rough diamond has an underlying beauty that is only revealed through multiple rounds of refining and polishing, we all have an enormous potential for clarity and openness that can only be revealed when we use skillful methods to slowly remove all of the things that obscure our inner beauty.  By practicing yoga asana and meditation, learning to integrate activities that are beneficial, and avoiding those behaviors that lead to negative outcomes, we gradually remove those things that obscure our clarity and our true potential as a happy, healthy and open human being is then able to be fully revealed.

While PranaVayu Yoga has a number of training tools that are completely unique to our system, what truly makes our practice truly unique is the fact that it is complete.  While most contemporary yoga practices focus mainly on perfecting the physical body, our system offers a holistic set of tools that are designed to help you achieve full mind/body transformation through physical postures, meditative practices and action based effort.  Whether you want to explore the limits of your physical potential, experience what meditation is all about, or learn to cultivate a positive connection to others in your life, our practice will give you all of the tools necessary to begin the journey.

What has the journey been like for you?


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